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Dignity & Respect Campaign

Our Mission:
To unify under a shared belief that everyone deserves dignity and respect by encouraging behavioral change in individuals, communities, schools, and organizations.

Our Story:
In November of 2008, > Center for Inclusion at UPMC introduced the > Dignity & Respect Initiative to the employees of UPMC, in an effort to promote inclusion through behavioral and organizational change. Employees were tasked with taking a pledge to demonstrate their commitment to treating others the way they want to be treated and providing their opinion on behaviors that represent dignity and respect in the workplace. Based on their feedback, the > "30 Tips of Dignity & Respect" were created which can easily be incorporated into everyday behaviors. With the tips laying the foundation, the ‘Dignity & Respect Campaign’ was born.

Awareness about the Campaign spread throughout the Pittsburgh community, as the Center partnered with community leaders on efforts around multicultural awareness, workforce development and healthy communities. On October 1, 2009, the Dignity & Respect Campaign was launched as a community initiative, with a proclamation from the Mayor of Pittsburgh declaring October > Dignity & Respect Month. The community campaign kicked off with the launch of a city-wide pledge drive, which engaged over fifty community organizations. The launch also included the unveiling of the Dignity & Respect Campaign website, which now serves as the platform for promoting ongoing campaign efforts in Pittsburgh and beyond.

What began as a workplace initiative to promote a culture of inclusion, dignity, and respect at UPMC, today, is a movement promoting inclusion in the workplace, community unity, and anti-bullying in schools.

The Campaign is inspiring people across the nation. Watch Campaign Videos!


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